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At Trailmakers Adventure, we focus on exciting rewarding and relevant volunteer programs that are mutually beneficial to both our beneficiaries and our volunteers.

We focus in helping the community and the people of Kenya,our volunteers in Kenya have a chance to enjoy unforgettable and life changing experience of Kenyans' hospitality and the many gifts of nature that makes Kenya first choice for many tourists. Trailmakers Adventure welcomes volunteers who are willing to make a difference in peoples lives by shining a ray of hope to the under privileged in our society.

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Each volunteer is encouraged to work in their area of interest thus making our programs flexible to fit our volunteers' areas of interest and specialization. Please note that our staff can also help you in choosing your program. Our Programs include orientation, a brief lesson in swahili language, Kenyan culture and more information on the projects Through our projects volunteers will be able to.


� Assist in various orphanages, help in improving or enhancing the actual facilities as well as becoming involved in teaching and caring for the children.

� Gain medical experience under the supervision of qualified doctors and nurses. Geta glimpse of life in the slums of Kenya and have the opportunity to make a difference in a poor and desperate community

Volunteer In Kenya Orphanage Programme
Volunteer In Kenya Teaching Programme
Volunteer in Rural Masaai Project

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